"The greatest gifts you can give your children are the roots of responsibility and the wings of independence."
— Denis Waitley

Vision and Mission

Learning Wings Education Systems was started to nurture dreams of each student by providing positive environment, innovative pedagogy and creative representations in all possible areas of learning. In last ten years we are proud to see our students strive to nurture their passion and be happy members of the society.

Cambridge Sparkling Stars is an exciting aspiration with a mission that children are worthy of deepest respect. They are to be provided with opportunities to discover their abilities in every area of knowledge and most importantly, be given freedom to explore at their own pace and in their own way.

We believe that each child is capable of finding thousand ways of doing and understanding things, parents, school and teachers simply need to challenge them to excel. Sparkling Stars Playschools are to provide learning through loving, trusting and respectful relationships, and through discussion, exploration and play.


He is very comfortable in going to school due to love, affection and care of teachers.

Our son enjoys various activities being taught in the class. He is very comfortable in going to school due to love, affection and care of teachers. He has learnt to speak new words, poems. He enjoys dancing, has improved in eating habits, and was confident to perform on a stage as we have seen in Annual Day Function. He feels shy in going to toilet with maid but will soon adjust.

– Mr Navjeet Singh and Mrs Pradeep kaur, Parents of Prabhnoor

Good beginning is half done…

Let me start with a saying - “Good beginning is half done.” It is a wonderful experience when we see our kids repeating the same things at home what she has done at school. It simply helps us in evaluating the teaching process, the environment, and the learning outcome of our daughter.

– Dr. Pushwinder Kaur and Dr Balraj Singh, Parent’s of Sehaj

Best school according to the needs of my child!

Pre-School plays a very important role in shaping the behavior pattern, attitude, and persona of the child. The choice of a right pre-school for ones’ child is a big responsibility for the parents and I am glad that we have discovered the best school according to the needs of my child.

– Ms Parneet and Mr Sanmeet Sidhu, Parent’s of Arhaan Singh Sidhu

What a wonderful happy place!

Your children and staff are so welcoming! It was a fantastic visit. Thank you!

– Hilary Dunphy, Former Director, Newman University College, UK